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In September 2016, Elmswell Primary began a review of mathematics teaching, focusing on improving staff’s subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge. The training included introducing Primary Advantage maths and allowed the school to introduce teachers to a mastery approach, together with a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract methodology.

In 2017 we introduced the INSPIRE maths scheme to support teachers ongoing professional development. The scheme includes guidance in methodology, differentiation and opportunities to deepen and extend learning. This ensures continuous progression and a common approach across the school. The introduction of the scheme was followed by subject leader training (CPDL) which was then rolled out in a sequence of weekly staff training sessions supporting the implementation of the scheme in Autumn 2018.

Professional guidance and discussion allowed leaders to establish shared values, policies and practice in the teaching of mathematics. Using ‘Café for All’ mornings, teachers were then able to engage with parents and carers – to establish positive learning experiences for children at home and to share our ambitious vision.

Ongoing curriculum review has resulted in the introduction of an online times tables programme ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ as well as the development of ‘Outdoor Learning’ opportunities.

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