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UKS2 - Hawk, Falcon, Osprey & Eagle Classes


As the children enter their final two years of primary education, the UKS2 curriculum offers a broad range of learning opportunities while continuing to build upon the core subjects.

The culmination of  skills acquired throughout each key stage at Elmswell Primary School enable our UKS2 children to thrive and showcase their abilities in a variety of ways:

  • our children are actively encouraged to represent the school in sporting events as PE is taught by a specialist during KS1 and KS2.  
  • home learning takes on a variety of forms and offers each child the opportunity to showcase their talents and interests.

As the children move through the Key Stage, transition links with the High School are enhanced with various visits for activites.

Following the preparation and sitting of national tests, the Y6 pupils attend a residential visit where all have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. 

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