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School Dinner Menu

ALL children having a school dinner will receive the main option each day. Please ensure that your child likes this option before sending them to school as no alternatives will be available.

The ‘vegetarian’ option will be available only to those children who are already registered with the school office as being vegetarian. Other dietary requirements for which we currently hold details for your child will also be catered for.

Due to serving restrictions no jacket potatoes will be available as an alternative.

Drinks of water will not be available from the kitchen so please ensure that your child comes to school with a full water bottle.

Please phone the school office - 01359 240261 -  if your child’s dietary requirements have changed.

A reminder that Reception and Year 1 pupils are all entitled to Universal Free School Meals.  Year 6 pupil’s meals will need to be paid for as usual.

School dinners remain good value at just £2.30 per meal.  You can pay online on the using the link on the homepage. This system is set up for paying in advance. Your child's records will be adjusted as dinners are taken at school. Any dinners left in credit will be carried over to the next term. If paying in arrears, please just enter any dates - it is just the amount paid that we will refer to.

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals, please do apply to Suffolk County Council via the link on the homepage.  (The school will be automatically informed of the date Free School Meals are to commence).

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